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Hello and Welcome

If this is an emergency call us at 613-233-1115. We are open if you get a voice message it means we are on the other line and will call you back shortly.

Yes we can help

Are you in a current contract and need help to break it ? Give us a call we can help you with that.

Old Tank Return

When we install a new tank for you we will also return your old one and keep records of it should you ever need them.

Rental Company ?

We are much more then a rental company, we are a full service company that wants to take care of you for years to come.

Why Rent From Us ?

Providing Rentals in Ottawa for Over 50 Years. Mr. Rental Tank is a division of Home Service Group Inc. and we work hand and hand with Reid Heating and Cooling.

Peace of mind with an affordable monthly rental price

  • We Offer Free Standard Installation
  • We Guarantee our Work only use our own Licensed Installers
  • If your Rental Heater Breaks we fix it for free

We have been installing and servicing hot water tanks in Ottawa for Over 50 Years.

Best Service In The City

Happy Clients

Trucks on the Road

Years of experience


Why Choose Mr. Rental Tank ?

We have been providing people with Rental Water Heaters for Over 50 Years. We Care and our customers know it.

  • When you call us we answer the phone and help you
  • When you need emergency service we come and we are fast.
  • When you have questions we answer them.
  • People Trust Us.

What we offer is more then a rental contract its a commitment to you and your family, its peace of mind knowing no mater what we are here to help.

water heater types

There are many types and models and it can get confusing if you're not sure what you have or need call us we can help.

Electric Water Heaters.


Buy or Rent

Conventional Water Heater


Buy or Rent

Power Vent Water Heater

Power Vent

Buy or Rent

Direct Vent Water Heater

Direct Vent

Buy or Rent

Tank-less Water Heater


Buy or Rent

What makes us The Best?

Everything we do.

We offer Many Makes and Models

When you call us your not limited to just one make or model we have preferred brands that we offer but we are always willing to find the Make and Model you are looking for and install and service it for you.

We've been doing this for years.

We are not new at this we have been servicing and installing water tanks since the first day we opened, We provide emergency service for many tanks and are authorized to provide warranty on most makes and models.

Our technicians are friendly

Our technicians are there not just to fix your equipment but also to answer your questions and help put you at ease when you're not sure what's wrong with your tank.

Our Trucks are fully equipped

We carry most parts in our trucks and can normally complete any repair needed when we arrive. This way we waste as little of your time as possible.

We have the best service in the City

We are always open we always answer our phones we always call people back.

It's about the Customer

Most companies are looking for sales, we are looking for customers. We want to build a relationship with you so you know and trust the person you're calling when you need them the most.

Wondering where the best place to get your water heater is ?

We have been keeping water hot in Ottawa for over 50 Years

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question feel free to call us 613-233-1115

  • How often do you need to replace your Water Heater?

    A water Heater will typically last about 15 years anything longer then that and your asking for a spill

  • Yes there is no issues switching to a tank less we would have to change a few things but it's nothing for you to worry about.

  • Yes the older style tanks that go out a chimney are still being used and available but they are slowly being replaced with power vent models that do not require a chimney are more efficient then the conventional models.

  • No not at all, its always your option, rental is simply a more affordable way to get a water heater especial if you need one in an emergency situation and did not budget for it.

  • its simply you buy it then you pay up front and same some money but you only get a 1 year labor warranty and 6 years parts. You rent it, it will cost more but for the life of your contract you have a 24 hour parts and labor warranty. So look at rental as an insurance policy, you decide if you need it.


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